Wednesday, August 7, 2019

July Workshop in the Gardens

Mark-making was the focus for the July workshop.

We talked about close, close, close observation and a response to the natural objects I provided such as leaves, seedpods, branches and other bits and pieces sourced from the forest floor. Although texture was the main focus we discussed the nature of creativity and the value of interpreting the source material.
Other concepts covered included

* The freedom to "play" with art materials
* Getting to know what various media are capable of
* Importance of the accidental mark
* Responding to a place/object
* Working with contrasts ie. Light/Dark, Heavy/Faint, Complicated/Simple,
* How blind contour drawing can help with the integrity of response

We used monoprinting, frottage, drawing and wax resist with ink.

A few photos below.

Robyn Bauer Workshop Preparation

A large variety of media was used but the most fun was had with oil pastels and various dilutions of black ink.

Diluted ink and wax resist

Brushes and twigs were used to apply the ink. 

Robyn Bauer with class

You can see the table centre is full of fabulous botanical bits and pieces found throughout the forest floor.

Class hard at work

There were some very creative outcomes after careful observation.

Posca pens make a good final layer

Textures were also created with sponges dipped in ink.

Studio Chaos

Photo above shows some of the chaos in my studio at home during preparation for this workshop.

Cat helper

My cat (@barneybauer on Instagram) wearing a camellia hat while helping. He doesn't look too impressed.

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