Saturday, July 13, 2019

June in the Gardens

I am teaching a monthly workshop in the gardens and there seems to be a strange pattern emerging. I end up totally inspiring myself with the workshop activity and for the next week I do work inspired by that thought! It has happened every time so for the next month's workshop I have decided to try and get ahead of myself and do the inspired stuff BEFORE the workshop so that I can show my students the results.

Robyn Bauer - Ink Drawing Botanic Gardens

The example above is an ink drawing done after I taught a workshop about using black ink in different dilutions. We looked at shape and also texture and how a range of tonal values can help create a three-dimensional effect. I had another plan in mind which was foiled because of the rain.

Robyn Bauer Botanical Workshop

Robyn Bauer Gardens Workshop
Robyn Bauer Botanical Workshop

Robyn Bauer Botanical Workshop

A few photos above of the last workshop showing some of the botanical specimens in the centre of the table and palettes with different dilutions of ink.

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