Saturday, March 9, 2019

Week Three in the Gardens

I started the week off (Sunday afternoon) with a very long walk around the City Botanic Gardens and collected a bag of bits and pieces from the ground. (I have a special permit as Artist-in-residence to do this).

The first drawing of the week was done from examining these specials finds.

Robyn Bauer Botanical Drawing

These objects deteriorate very quickly and the colours fade. The red and yellow leaves were so vibrant when I picked them up, but after only one day they had changed colour.

Robyn Bauer Botanical Drawing

I know this one looks like a substantial departure from my usual work but it is something I have been wanting to do for a while. Firstly the collage using music manuscript and secondly the stencil cut-out idea. I had some fun with this. There is some quite detailed painting done over the top.

The music is relevant to me in several ways. I always have Classical music playing in the studio and also I find huge inspiration from how a classical piece is put together. Different lines or threads of various instruments to make a complete composition.  It is the sum of many parts.

Robyn Bauer Rainforest Painting

Now it is officially Autumn, the weather is cooling slightly in the mornings. A few mornings I arrived bright and early to get back to working on location which is my preferred modus operandi. I want all my work to have the feeling of having been done en plein air. There is a large of range of media employed and I enjoy the textural variations that result.

Robyn Bauer Waterlily Painting

I had really been yearning to get down to the Waterlily pond while the flowers are so magnificent but it's been too hot to sit there so far. One morning found some shade on the viewing platform. I took along some paper prepared with a swish of acrylic as a background to save time. I have drawn over it in quite a coptic manner, following the outlines of the lily pads. Water-soluble crayons used also.

Basically I have spent the week still exploring varying media and keeping everything fresh. I have some ideas for larger paintings crystallizing in my mind. Still not quite ready to start them yet. Having a rewarding time observing.

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