Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Portrait Studies in Oil

I thought I would post these portrait studies I did  few months ago. I am having a tidy up of my studio drawers and I realised I had not even photographed these. They are all just studies done in about 2 hours each, all done alla prima from the model. There is nothing particularly special about any of them but looking back at them now, I think they are better than I thought they were. Certainly worthy of a blog post.


  1. These portraits might be quickly done but they're really good.. It shows what a difference it is to work from life. You've really captured something great in all of them.

    1. Yes I vow never to work from photos again if I can help it. I just painted a baby (three months old) so that one had to be done from a photo. I took 83 photos to get the right one. Thank goodness for digital photography.