Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Urban Sketching Workshops coming up.

Brisbane art urban sketch
Robyn Bauer Urban Sketch of Rosalie Brisbane

This is shaping up to be a really big year for me. I have two teaching engagements in July at opposite ends of the earth! (I also have a major solo exhibition planned for October at Royal Qld Art Society.)

The first teaching gig is in Toowoomba, a beautiful provincial city in Queensland Australia, known as the Garden City. It is high up in the ranges and will be lovely and cool in July, - a five day workshop 4-8 July 2016. The University of Southern Queensland runs the McGregor Schools in Summer and Winter. It is open to all and is an amazingly fun and stimulating week. Over the years I have done workshops myself there as a participant. I highly recommend it, even for beginners.

My second teaching engagement will be over in Manchester England at the end of July at the International Urban Sketching Symposium.

My topic will be "Nature in the City- The Body Language of Trees.

Robyn Bauer 

Here is a photo of me in action, looking happy and doing what I love!

The following urban sketches were all done relatively quickly.

Robyn Bauer  - Urban Sketch of Brisbane

This big old Queensland house is up on Fernberg Road Paddington.

Robyn Bauer - Urban Sketch of Brisbane

This tree is just past the Bardon watertower. 
The street is Tooth Avenue at the corner of Perrott Street Paddington.

Robyn Bauer - Urban Sketch of Brisbane City

For this sketch of Brisbane City with the Riverside Expressway, 
I was sitting looking out from the Queensland State Library.

Robyn Bauer - Urban Sketch of Brisbane

Looking up Drynan Street Paddington, Brisbane.

I have done literally dozens of sketches on location over recent months and here is just a sampling of a couple of different subjects. After working outdoors it is difficult to imagine any other way of working. The main reason for this is that the world is three dimensional and any other resource an artist may use such as a photograph or drawing is already two dimensional.

Drawing on location is addictive and it really trains your eye and brain to work quickly and authentically. I can't imagine doing anything else, except for the fact that I have to make a living and the larger studio paintings and commissions really fill that need.

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