Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Plans for 2013

I thought I would share in this blog post my plans for my art practice in 2013.

I decided towards the end of 2012 after my show in September that I would give myself a "study" year and not plan to exhibit new work again until 2014. I wanted to spend the year drawing, learning anatomy in a systematic fashion, getting to explore with new media, and sharpen up some skills that I wanted to employ in new work. I have big ideas for my next show and big plans for my gallery but without giving too much away ( keeping a "circle of safety" as new agers would say) I can share my immediate plans.

As seen in my last blog, I am drawing ,drawing, drawing. Going to at least four life sessions a week. Also reconnecting with my drawing teacher/ mentor David Paulson for some inspirational life sessions.

Basically if you don't push yourself out of your comfort zone you risk the possibility of your work becoming stale and you can stagnate. You never stop learning. I am also enjoying talking to all the artists I am meeting at these sessions, some of whom are as driven as I am. One artist said to me that if he felt his drawings were getting too "nice" he changed media to something more challenging.

I think it is important to embrace some sort of drawing philosophy. Turning the 3 dimensions of the world into the 2 dimensions of your drawing  is good for the brain.
Michelangelo said "make your eyes your compass".
Drawing from observation is critical. This is something I discussed in my last blog so I don't want to repeat myself here.

It helps to be reminded to simplify things. - big shapes first, work from general to specific, details last if at all.

I have been getting reacquainted with my pastels. I can't believe I have neglected this wonderful medium for a while.

This portrait drawing in pastel is from Friday's session at Royal Queensland Art Society. Three hour pose.

This drawing is just black, sepia and white. The Trois couleurs technique. A friend kindly modelled for me.

A couple of five minute poses where I did manage to just concentrate on shape.

My quarter finished ecorche figure showing musculature. I am making a proper study of anatomy at the Atelier studios. This is something I knew was missing from my art education. Each set of muscles is modelled in a different coloured  plasticine. I am just making one side at the moment but there are ribs and shoulder blades etc underneath!

I am so excited about putting it all together, the new media, the sharper drawing skills and my new ideas that I lie awake thinking about. The other thing I should mention is of course my reading. It is art, art, art at the moment. I am currently reading a book called "Girl in a Green Gown - The history and mystery of the Arnolfini Portrait" by Carola Hicks, 2011. I will keep you posted.

The gallery is going to be a rental art space until the end of 2013 to give me time to pursue these new directions.


  1. inspirational Robyn - good luck with it! Stephanie

    1. Thanks Stephanie. Sometimes it is difficult to decide how much to say but I don't think it hurts to be pretty open about things.