Monday, December 31, 2012

Some new additions to the studio.

I have been haunting antique shops to find old frames, chairs, and other studio props for my "belle epoque" look which I discussed in my blog about books and Sorolla.

I have some new finds to report as well as a brand new Italian easel.

To my dismay it came in a huge number of pieces in a box and has taken a while to assemble.
Here it is finally constructed. I have had my eye on this model for a while and it was reduced post-Christmas so I could finally afford it. You can see my old faithful red one behind it in the photo also. I will now use it as my mirror stand. I will have so much more flexibility with two easels and not having to have the mirror on a wall.
This photo shows two new aquisitions. The striped curtain (embossed fabric from Spotlight) and the model's chair. I got the chair for $15 at Vinnies. It is velvety and has a kind of embossed pattern also, very comfortable and my very first model to sit in it actually dozed off. Notice I have placed it at my eye height by pushing together some gallery plinths as a stand.
Another exciting find were these frames. Far too beautiful to part with so they will remain studio fixtures for quite some time. They inspire me by just being there.

Here is a close up of the most detailed one. I love these ornate gold mouldings. My chair at the back was a find several years ago and is totally the look I am after.

Now back to painting. I am ruminating on a new project which I will reveal when I have thought a bit more about it. At present I am keeping a "circle of safety" around my idea until I am totally ready.

Watch this space.

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